Baby Kitty Mouse
Turtle Stinky
Concord, CA

From the moment I met Beverly, there was a connection that she gets me and I knew she would take care of my family just like it was her own. I'm always worried about my gang of animals when I leave them, especially Mouse who is asthmatic and requires emergency shots if her asthma gets out of control and usually does when she's anxious. Then there is Turtle, the shy one, I always wonder while I'm away if she's going to come out from under the bed but she loves her pet sitter and comes to her easily. The boys (Stinky & Baby Kitty) can be quite a handful and seem to wander further when I'm away and yet the are accounted for each and every day that I'm gone. I love the daily notes from my pet sitter, it lets me know that everyone is well-taken care of when I'm called out of town. I think my cats like their pet-sitter more than me, its almost like I was never gone and they are all happy when I come home.

Its also great to know that Beverly and her team are available for those little home emergencies or errands, so many of times I've wondered did I leave the garage door open and had to turn around and come back to check. Next time I'm calling Beverly to do a home check for me.....

Julie W ~ Concord, CA