Bella & Brady – Danville, CA

I found Beverly (and East Bay Pet Care) on the web.  She and her staff are amazing.  Every day I come home to healthy and happy babies and a note telling me about their walk -- who they met, what they saw, where they walked, etc.  My neighbors all comment to me how nice my dog walker is and how much she loves my dogs.  I went away for a week and Beverly stayed with Bella and Brady.  Beverly kept me informed through calls and emails how Bella and Brady were doing.  When I got home, they were very happy to see me,  but I could tell that they had really enjoyed their time with Beverly.  Their tags wag very fast when they see anyone from East Bay Pet Care - a very good sign.  Bella, Brady and I are blessed to have East Bay Pet Care in our lives.  They are a part of our little family.   

Katie C – Danville, CA